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While a standard oven will suffice for a home kitchen, many commercial locations will require something a little more robust. Generally, one of the best options for commercial kitchens are combi ovens. Combi ovens are relatively new to the industry, as they were only introduced around 15 years ago.

A combi oven is an oven that features three different ways to cook foods of all kinds: convection, steam and combination. Convection is using dry heat, steam injects water into the cooking process, and the combination mode uses both dry heat and steam to cook. Many combi ovens are also customizable, and allow you to control and maintain the level of moisture you want in your food.

In addition to giving you more control and customization when it comes to cooking your food, combi ovens have several other advantages. These include saving time and labour, reducing waste, eliminating flavour transfer between food, become energy efficient and so much more. They are also incredibly easy to clean, as well.

Combi ovens come in a wide range of different sizes and price ranges. No matter what your oven needs are, you can be sure there has been an oven created just for you. While they can be more expensive than standard commercial ovens, many feel that their benefits are well worth the investment.

While not every kitchen has a combi oven, especially as they are quite new, many chefs are interested in trying one out. If you are interested in purchasing a combi oven for your commercial kitchen or restaurant, be sure to check out our selection of combi ovens. We are confident we can help you find the right oven for your needs, and even hand-deliver it to your location in Calgary and beyond.


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