Rational Ovens Calgary

In addition to requiring several ovens, many restaurants specifically need a type of oven called a combi oven, which is capable of cooking and making a variety of food within a single unit. While many different companies make these ovens, a German company called Rational is one of the oldest and most trusted providers of combi ovens. They have been in the business since 1973 and are still going strong and operate all over the world.

Rational has a wide range of different ovens available to accommodate those who need to cook a only few dishes at a time, to those who need to cook a wide range of different things. In addition to different sizes and designs, Rational offers ovens that are electric, use natural gas, or even some that use liquid propane. They are also incredibly simple to clean, using only water and are durable to stand up to years of regular wear and tear that a kitchen normally experiences.

While these come with amazing features and additions that restaurant owners will love, such as the ability to fully control and customize the cooking experience, they can often cost thousands of dollars, so be sure to do your research and make sure you get the right size and option for your kitchen.

If you are a fan of Rational ovens and looking to add one to your restaurant, bar, or grill, be sure to reach out to us, as we can hand deliver it to your location anywhere in Western Canada . We also have more than 10,000 other skus, so take a look at our website to see what else we can offer you and your commercial kitchen.


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