Commercial Kitchen Design

It all starts with you - This is your vision. Tell us all about the food, decor, and even the vibe! We want to know it all, and your commerical kitchen design needs to reflect this.

commercial kitchen design

Next, we'll need to figure out your equipment needs and wants and create a layout. We create this layout taking in to account what equipment will effectively aid your menu, while ensuring it falls within your budgetary guidelines.

We work directly with your contractor to determine proper location of electrical, mechanical, gas lines, and venting. We create a comprehensive kitchen design plan for them to build from. This is vital for the construction phase.

Once the equipment has arrived we coordinate, deliver to site, and have our experienced installers place every piece of equipment exactly where it needs to be and have it ready for your contractor to make the final connections.

commercial kitchen design

Once all the equipment is up and running; let's show you and the staff how to use it. We will do a full walkthrough on the equipment and show you how to safely operate it, clean it, and even how to troubleshoot it.

Our job doesn't end there - we offer professional, commercial kitchen design services from our offices in Calgary and Edmonton - and the support team at HESCO will always be at your service in any way we can.